Why it is important to provide mental health services for free to students in 2022

It is an urge all the universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to provide mental health services for free to students. Mental health is something that can’t be avoided under any circumstances. You should always treat your mental health as a top priority.

Do students need mental health services?

You will be surprised to know what percent of students have mental health issues. More than 39% of young adults in the USA between the age of 18-25 are facing mental health challenges. It is almost 30 million Americans alone, now imagine what is the condition worldwide. The ignorance of mental illness will not only affect the productivity of a nation but will make the earth a more difficult place to live, so providing mental health services for free is very important.

Access to mental health care is one of the most pressing issues facing college students today.

Access to mental health care is not as easy as it seems, it can be very expensive and it might get difficult for people to reach out to therapists in the first place. Instead, if it is organized by educational institutes students get better access and it might make it easier for the students to come forward and lead a better life. It is better to invest in the mental health treatment expenses than the future expense that might come forward in future.

Mental health services are just as important as medical or physical services.

As any medical problems need immediate attention, so does mental illness. Once this fact is understood by everyone, that is the very moment we can unitedly move to a better state. It is surprising how students are affected every day because of staying away from family or moving to a new environment or separation from their hometown, many students face the consequence of mental health effects of bullying.

The stigma surrounding mental illness prevents students with mental health problems from seeking help.

There is still a notion prevalent that people who opt for therapies are freaks whereas that is not at all true. Like we all go to doctors for medical help it is equally important to go to a therapist if your mental health is affected. The more we normalize the mental health problem and start treating it as a part of medical aid the better will be the possibility of overcoming the same. So if students are provided with mental health services for free it will help to reduce the stereotype.

Free mental health care will make it easier for students to seek treatment.

If educational institutions can provide mental health services for free it would make the students reach out to therapists easier and they probably won’t back out because of the expense incurred. The better mental health of students will definitely lead to better productivity and as a result, the educational institute is going to attain a better rank as a whole.

A lack of access to mental health services may cost universities far more than they would have to allocate toward free services.

As you can see that a better mental health statuesque leads to a better environment as a whole. On the other hand with degraded mental health not only does the productivity of students go down but also leads to other fatal circumstances that might cost way more than imagined. So universities should make it a point to provide mental health services for free.

Having free mental health services available at universities can save lives.

It is important to keep in mind that the mortality rate among students with mental health issues is way higher. If a small expense can change and save so many lives then the plea to provide mental health services for free should not be a problem.

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